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To show a user's access, they can be included to different user groups. These user groups are given to your account. Some are given automatically, and others must be given manually. User who belongs to user group is being able to use certain rights and the access to certain features of the MediaWiki software. The privileges of each user group are shown here.

Below is the list of user groups that are available for local community. Some user groups require global approval by community of Miraheze.

Koristniki[praviti kod]

A user who edits through an account they have registered, may e-mail other users if they activate an email address in their user preferences. All logged-in users may mark changes as small. They may purge pages without a confirmation step, but are still required to answer a CAPTCHA when adding links to other websites. They may also customize their interface and its options as they wish, via their preferences and custom CSS and JS files.

Avtomatično potvŕdženi koristniki[praviti kod]

A number of actions on Medžuviki are restricted to user accounts which pass certain thresholds for age and edit count: users which meet these requirements are automatically included into this user group. Autoconfirmed status is checked every time the user performs a restricted action: consequently, it is granted automatically by the software and can not be removed. Accounts which are more than 4 days old and have made at least 10 edits are considered autoconfirmed.

Autoconfirmed status is required to move pages and edit semi-protected pages.

Samoprověrjajemi koristniki[praviti kod]

List of users

These users' pages are checked automatically and their edits are checked if previous version was checked already. This right is automatically assigned to administrators.

Prověrjatelji[praviti kod]

List of users

These users can check other users' pages and edits, move files, category pages, and move pages with their subpages. Pages that can be reviewed are articles, file pages, templates, and modules. Their edits are also considered to be checked automatically.

Administratori[praviti kod]

Administrator rights are granted by the community to users requesting them. These users have access to the page deletion, page protection and stabilisation, blocking and unblocking other users, the ability to edit protected pages, the MediaWiki interface, and the ability to grant and remove groups "Rollbacker", "Patroller" and "Autopatrolled" to users.

Spisok[praviti kod]

Bjurokrati[praviti kod]

Bureaucrat rights are granted by the community to trusted users who have already become admins. They have more access to Special:UserRights, letting them add users to the "Administrator" group, and can add or remove user group "Bot". They also can manage few settings of this wiki (change its name or default language, make it private, close it).

Spisok[praviti kod]

Druge grupy[praviti kod]

Odstranitelji[praviti kod]

List of users

Users who are given the rollback flag can revert revisions using the rollback feature. The rollback feature can be used only in the cases of vandalism and reverting own edits.

Boty[praviti kod]

List of users

Accounts used by approved bots to make pre-approved edits can be flagged as such. Bot accounts are automated or semi-automated, the nature of their edits is well defined, and they will be quickly blocked if their actions vary from their given tasks, so they require less scrutiny than human edits.

Contributions from accounts with the bot user group are not displayed in recent changes or watchlists to users who have opted to hide bot edits. Minor edits made by bot accounts to user talk pages do not trigger the "you have new messages" banner. Bot accounts can query the API in batches of 5,000 rather than 500.