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Medžuviki is a free content wiki, similar to Wikipedia, - it intends to create content in Interslavic language, the constructed Slavic language which can be used for the communication of Slavs. We hope that one day this site becomes its own Wikipedia version, but for now it is available here.

Below are rules which every user in Medžuviki must follow. The rules are subject to change via discussion on community forum.


Writing systems[praviti]

Alphabets in Europe. Latin is in blue, Cyrillic is in red, when both are used - purple.

Generally, articles are written in Latin alphabet, but for the convenience of primary audience it is preferred to write in Cyrillic about the subjects related to following Slavic countries and languages:

  • Belarus / Belarusian language
  • Bulgaria / Bulgarian language
  • Macedonia / Macedonian language
  • Montenegro / Montenegrin language[1]
  • Russia / Russian language
  • Serbia / Serbian language[1]
  • Ukraine / Ukrainian language

This rule is subject to change if there's evidence that the Latin alphabet became more popular in one of these countries.

Below is table with comparison of both alphabets. We are using standard version of the alphabet ("Medžuslovjanski" flavour), so that approximate pronunciation can be understood by everyone, so there are quite a handful of unused letters. The intend for using it is to avoid confusion for readers coming from the different countries. You can use "MS Plus" flavour, but be aware that other editors can remove unnecessary letters using automatic tools.

If you can't write in Cyrillic for the necessary countries or languages, use extended transliterator with "Medžuslovjanski" flavour. If you can't write in Extended Latin, use input method shortcuts that are available on every page of wiki.

Latin A B C Č D E Ě F G H I Y J K L M N O P R S Š T U V Z Ž
Cyrillic А Б Ц Ч Д Е Ф Г Х И Ы Ј К Л М Н О П Р С Ш Т У В З Ж


Vlastne imena sut pisane fonetično. Ale treba jest informovati tož ob originalnom pravopise – najvyše dobro v početku statije.


Flag of Interslavic language

We have the following logo files set in place to represent Medžuviki both in Latin and Cyrillic. Logo is based on the flag of Interslavic language and the circle shape of Wikipedia logo. Latin wordmark uses Linux Libertine font, Cyrillic uses Linux Libertine Display (both in small caps).

There are also text versions (Latin, Cyrillic) which look corrupted but can be used for editing purposes.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are used in the country, but Cyrillic is more popular.