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"Input method" panel provides an input method for typing Extended Latin and Extended Cyrillic characters. This input method allows users to type in simplified flavour of Interslavic language using a standard, English layout keyboard. It is available to all Medžuviki visitors by default (if they have JavaScript enabled).

This feature is provided by UniversalLanguageSelector extension in other MediaWiki installations, including Wikimedia wikis. It uses the same keyboard shortcut as this extension, so it is incompatible with it.

Input method functions in wikitext editor, visual editor and when editing with wikitext in discussion pages.

How to use it[praviti kod]

  • Letters Č č, Ě ě, Š š and Ž ž can be entered using combinations of basic letter (c, e, s, z) with letter x. This action can be reversed (to cx, ex, sx or zx) by typing additional x after replacement.
    Medzxuviki → Medžuviki
  • Letter Љ љ is replaced by Ль, letter Њ њ is replaced by Нь and Й й is replaced by Ј. This can not be reversed in most places, it is advised to use paste option if you need these characters anywhere.
    Бабруйск → Бабрујск
  • Number of typographic replacements are performed (they can be reversed from most edit fields by using Shift+Backspace):
    1. Getting correct quotation marks (does not work in visual editor):
      ""Quotation" marks"«Quotation marks»
    2. Getting correct apostrophes:
    3. Getting correct dash:
    4. Getting correct ellipsis:

In visual editor all replacements made by input method can be reversed by using immediate Ctrl+Z. Replaced letters can be reversed as usual.

Disable or uninstall[praviti kod]

To disable input method during typing, uncheck "Enable" checkbox or press Ctrl+M (same as in UniversalLanguageSelector). Note that right now it is not a saved setting, so you will need to do it again on any other page. You can write into your common.js the following code to disable it everywhere but to still have an ability to use it:

im.enable = false; // Disable input method by default

To turn input method off completely and stop loading it, go to gadgets preferences and uncheck a checkbox for "Add typing combinations and remove unused letters as you type (requires JavaScript)" field.

Suggestions and problems[praviti kod]

If you have suggestions on how to make input method better or problems with it, write them in the cafe.

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