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Project "Prěvod interfejsa" focuses on interface translation to the Interslavic language. It concerns both the general MediaWiki messages translation and bigger things, such as namespaces and general terms.

You can discuss different aspects of translation on the project talk page.

Tasks[praviti kod]

This is not a compulsory list, if you have time and willingness to do this, you are welcome either to edit sections or add your own. Please discuss them on the project talk page.

Most important messages[praviti kod]

These are the messages that get requested by Wikimedia Language committee before creating a new Wikipedia. There are 762 of them overall. Per Language committee, "These are the messages that are of highest importance to our readers and users." Not all of them currently exist in Medžuviki (and those that do not get displayed as red links because of that) because we do not use all extensions that Wikipedia project typically has.

We need to translate all messages that are displayed as blue links and have "(něma)" beside them. Go here to view available work.

Namespaces translation[praviti kod]

There is a technical possibility to translate namespaces names into Interslavic (using Miraheze configuration), so we should probably go ahead with this. Lev 20:34, 28 maj 2017 (UTC)

Namespace Translation
Media Medija
Special Služba
Talk Besěda
User Default: Koristnik(-ca)
Male: Koristnik
Female: Koristnica
User talk Default: Besěda koristnika(-ce)
Male: Besěda koristnika
Female: Besěda koristnice
Project Medžuviki
Medžuviki talk Besěda Medžuviki
File Fajl
File talk Besěda fajla
MediaWiki Medijaviki
MediaWiki talk Besěda Medijaviki
Template Šablon
Template talk Besěda šablona
Help (should be translated as "Rule") Pravilo
Help talk Besěda pravila
Category Kategorija
Category talk Besěda kategorije
Module Modulj
Module talk Besěda modulja
Not needed
Gadget talk
Gadget definition
Gadget definition talk

Custom messages[praviti kod]

The list below is the messages that have Medžuviki-only wikitext and can’t be used in future MediaWiki translation efforts.

Helpful links[praviti kod]