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This is a page intended to provide a guidance on terms and definitions that are present in Interslavic language and should be described in Medžuviki. Right now there are 1137 articles listed here, out of over 16,000 words from the dictionary. As of April 2018, 16 articles listed here exist in Medžuviki. This page is a work in progress and will be completed eventually.

This page is based on official Interslavic-English dictionary (as of January 11th, 2018). It includes only nouns and only those terms that have one main encyclopedic meaning, so editors can translate articles from Wikipedias and create their own more easily. If you do not understand meaning of any term, refer to the dictionary.

If you would like to start an article about one of the topics, please write at least 4 sentences about it. You can start an article by clicking any red link below.

A[praviti kod]

B[praviti kod]

C[praviti kod]

Č[praviti kod]

D[praviti kod]

693 total / 340 potential words.

E[praviti kod]

F[praviti kod]

G[praviti kod]

404 total / 252 potential words.

H[praviti kod]

I[praviti kod]

648 total / 255 potential words.

J[praviti kod]

K[praviti kod]

878 total / 556 potential words.

L[praviti kod]

369 total / 226 potential words.

M[praviti kod]

676 total / 402 potential words.

N[praviti kod]

999 total / 332 potential words.

O[praviti kod]

1251 total / 388 potential words.

P[praviti kod]

2017 total / 953 potential words.

R[praviti kod]

798 total / 329 potential words.

S[praviti kod]

1205 total / 606 potential words.

Š[praviti kod]

T[praviti kod]

422 total / 240 potential words.

U[praviti kod]

422 total / 138 potential words.

V[praviti kod]

832 total / 400 potential words.

Z[praviti kod]

Ž[praviti kod]