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/* Forum FormWizard configuration */
// <nowiki>
var formsGadgetConfig = {
    "create": {
            "post-edit": "Thank you for visiting our forum!",
            "infobox": "Zaglavje fora",
            "new-page": true,
            "namespace": "Forum:",
            "portal-page": "",
            "page-template": "",
            "talkpage-template": "",
            "page-home": "Forum:",
            "dialog-title": "Create new topic",
            "error-not-logged-in": "You are not logged in. Your IP would be displayed in edit history.",
            "edit-comment-prefix": "New topic: ",
            "edit-comment-suffix": " (FormWizard)"
            "introText": {
                "type": "text",
                "string": "Please use this form only for quick discussions − it is better to use standard form if you have a lot to write about."
            "titleTextbox": {
                "type": "smallTextBox",
                "text-1": "Provide a short meaningful description of your topic (up to 100 characters). Please do not use any wiki syntax.",
                "title": "Title",
                "characterLength": 100,
                "mandatory": true,
                "validate": "doesNotExists",
                "page-title": true
            "textTextbox": {
                "type": "largeTextBox",
                "text-1": "Better to write in Interslavic, but you can also use your native language or English – we won't judge.",
                "placeholder": "",
                "title": "Text",
                "mandatory": true,
                "add-to": "section",
                "heading": "",
                "comment": "<!-- Please do not delete or edit the line above -->",
                "signature": true
            "signatureText": {
            	"type": "text",
            	"string": "Please remember to sign your post using four tildes (~~~~)."
                "title":"Create topic",
				"type": "cancelButton",
// </nowiki>