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This template inserts interwiki on the page. Without any parameters, it inserts interwiki to the main page.

With a parameter that equals to Wikidata item that is corresponding to the page, it inserts the list of other language editions of this page via JavaScript gadget:


This will insert the list of interwiki links from the Wikidata page "Q42" (Douglas Adams). You can find the correct Wikidata item for a Wikipedia page in different language by searching a link "Wikidata item" in "Tools" menu of the page. You can just copy a link from that field into template, it will do the work correctly:


Don’t use this template without substitution (subst:).

Dany šablona[praviti kod]

Vstaviti medžujezykovy linky v zapis črez Džavaskript

Parametry šablona

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Element Vikidanyh1

Element Vikidanyh, ktory odpovědaje sej stranicě


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