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Iz Medžuviki, svobodnoj enciklopedije
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Dictionary feedback

Well, it is not exactly, but still it's an interesting point to start with it and test.

I was thinking about sth like that HJP : (Croatian)

I like the whole word-presentation put clearly in stripes of Definition / Sintagm / Phraseology / (Onomastics - if word occurs in geographical names like towns or rivers etc.) / Etymology.

That you can hide declension (there is named : izvedeni oblici) if you don't need it. (BTW, I'd like to add some sample sentences how the word, let's say slovnik, is used in a sentence.

Other dictionary I enjoy is on : (Slovene)

I like it because you can find words just by putting part of it (end, beginning or even middle) using *.

There is a special operator : ge= (abbr. from geslo as Polish hasło) that find the word in the wordlist, but if you don't use it and put simply what you are looking for you'll get results not only from the wordlist, but also from the body of the word (i.e. definition). Hm, maybe just write me what you think; what is possible, what is complicated etc.

[The SLEX seems not to work anymore, but when it used to, it was possible to write a word with minimum (one-letter) error and it would gave you right propositions.

For example if I would write slovk, it didn't simply answer no such word, but also give a list of similar, but right words, that begins in the same way, i.e. slovo, slovko, slovnik with direct links to look in it. I find it very nice and helpful.]

Cheers. Bandziol20 12:21, 28 maj 2017 (UTC)

  • Sorry for taking so long to answer. Yeah, Croatian site looks rather cool and is definitely something to look at. Link:
    Syntagma I guess in this is different kinds of expressions? This is definitely something I have overlooked.
    About declension: I guess their layout is better (declension hidden by default), I'll make it so here.
    Sample sentences are indeed the good thing to have, I just provided the basic layout, but it is an option on English Wiktionary and can be an option here.
    Search options: currently Miraheze doesn't support strict search (ge=) or wildcards (*), so I guess they are not possible. It is easier for Wikipedia to implement search of that kind, than to this site, unfortunately.
    By the way: it is better to have discussion on the same page so it doesn't get lost. Lev (razg.) 17:24, 28 maj 2017 (UTC)

Problem s logovanjem

Zdravo Lev! Jesm "IJzeren Jan", ale cělo vrěme imaju problemy s vlogovanjem. Prvo bylo to tako, že trěba bylo vratiti se k poprědnoj stranici, a sejčas sovsěm uže ne mogu (dostavaju taky komunikat: [82220ef81fca8d0dc195d50f] 2017-08-21 21:00:34: Fatal exception of type "Exception". Znaješ li može čto jest pričina togo problema? I mogl li bysi go razrěšili ili sdělati moje novo konto administratorom? Hvala lěpo! Srdečno, Želězny Jan (razg.) 21:10, 21 avgust 2017 (UTC)

  • Želězny Jan: I have asked about this in IRC and there seem to be some issues with your default login, see phab:T2117. I hope that they would resolve them as soon as possible but can’t say it for them. I granted temporary sysop/bureaucrat to your current account (in hope that you would restore the access in the future). Lev 00:25, 23 avgust 2017 (UTC)
    • Thanks, I hope it can be fixed. You know, it was kind of weird from the beginning. I cóuld edit with my account User:IJzeren Jan, but logging on somehow always required one extra step: first some message I can’t remember now and then return to the page I wanted to edit. And my session was never remembered, so I always had to log in once again. Until the day before yesterday, when I really couldn’t log in anymore. Let’s see what happens! Cheers, Želězny Jan (razg.) 08:46, 23 avgust 2017 (UTC)
      • Želězny Jan: They attached the accounts (including yours), try to sign in again. Lev 21:26, 23 avgust 2017 (UTC)
        • Thanks, it seems to work now! Cheers, Flag Slovjanskogo Jazika.svg IJzeren Jan 11:46, 24 avgust 2017 (UTC)