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Arhiv poprědnjej diskusije (byla arhivovana 6 April 2018 roku)

Lev (besědavklad)

Thanks again (if you haven't seen my message from before because of some technical changes I made) for writing that article.

Please be aware that as this article largely relates to the history of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (countries writing with Cyrillic script), I will eventually convert it into Cyrillic script per Project:O projektu#Writing systems. If you have problems with writing in Cyrillic, you can continue to write in Latin if you want, that's not a problem. If you still have work to do regarding the article, I won't do anything until then and will wait until you finish it. If you don't have problems with writing in Cyrillic, then please notify me so I can do this now.

TychoB (besědavklad)

Thank you,

I don’t have the right keyboard for writing Interslavic in cyrillic, though I don’t have any problems reading it. I still have some small things to add, but I guess I’m almost finished. Thanks for letting me know.

Lev (besědavklad)

All great.

Regarding writing in Cyrillic: yeah, that’s a problem, but you can use link "Transliteracija" in the sidebar for this or write in Latin if you want (and then someone, probably me, will transliterate). If you have any other questions, please feel free to write me about them.

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